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Dornier 228

SPECS for Dornier 228
Type of aircraftCargo
First flight1981
Payload1560 Kg
Engines2 X Turboprop. Total thrust: 1532 hp
Speed400 Km/h
Range1111 Km
Empty weight3739 Kg

IN SERVICE: 101,00
Country Army Armed Force Qty Role Item Photo
IND Air Force Indian Air Force 40 CL Dornier Do 228-201
IND Navy Indian Navy 24 CL Dornier Do 228-201
THA Navy Kong Thap Ruea Thai 6 CN Dornier Do 228
NGA Air Force Nigerian Air Force 5 CL Dornier Do 228
IRN Navy Islamic Republic of Iran Navy 5 CL Dornier Do 228
VEN Air Force Aviación Militar Nacional Bolivariana de Venezuela 3 CL Dornier Do 228NG
ITA Army Esercito Italiano 3 CL Dornier Do 228
NER Air Force Niger Air Force 2 CL Dornier Do 228
NLD Air Force Koninklijke Luchtmacht 2 CN Dornier Do 228-212
DEU Navy Deutsche Marine 2 CL Dornier Do 228LM
BGD Navy Bangladesh Naubahini 2 CN Dornier Do 228
MWI Air Force Malawi Air Wing 1 CL Dornier Do 228
SYC Air Force Seychelles Air Force 1 CL Dornier Do 228
AGO Air Force Força Aérea Nacional de Angola 1 CL Dornier Do 228
MUS Army Special Mobile Force 1 CL Dornier Do 228-201
MUS Army Special Mobile Force 1 CL Dornier Do 228-202
CPV Army National Guard of Cabo Verde 1 CN Dornier Do 228
IND Navy Indian Navy 1 CL Dornier Do 228-101