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Agusta A109

SPECS for Agusta A109
Type of aircraftHelicopter
First flight1971
Payload1260 Kg
Engines2 X Turboshaft. Total thrust: 1122 hp
Speed311 Km/h
Range700 Km
Empty weight1590 Kg

IN SERVICE: 221,00
Country Army Armed Force Qty Role Item Photo
ZAF Air Force South African Air Force 26 HA Agusta A109 LUH
ITA Guard Carabinieri 26 HU Agusta A109A/A-II Hirundo
ITA Guard Carabinieri 20 HU Agusta A109N Nexus NO IMAGE (3726)
SWE Army Armén 20 HU Agusta A109 LUH NO IMAGE (460)
ITA Guard Carabinieri 17 HU Agusta A109N Nexus
NGA Air Force Nigerian Air Force 13 HT Agusta A109E Power NO IMAGE (2566)
ITA Army Esercito Italiano 12 HU Agusta A109A Hirundo
BEL Air Force Composante air de l'armée belge (Air force of Belgian Army) 10 HA Agusta A109BA Hirundo
MYS Army Tentera Darat Malaysia 10 HA Agusta A109 LOH NO IMAGE (2275)
PHL Air Force Hukbong Himpapawid ng Pilipinas 8 HU Agusta A109E Power NO IMAGE (2767)
NGA Navy Nigerian Navy 8 HU Agusta A109E Power NO IMAGE (2547)
AGO Air Force Força Aérea Nacional de Angola 6 HH Agusta A109S Grand
NZL Air Force Royal New Zealand Air Force 5 HU Agusta-Westland A109 LUH NO IMAGE (2524)
PHL Navy Hukbong Dagat ng Pilipinas 5 HU Agusta A109E Power NO IMAGE (2741)
MEX Air Force Fuerza Aérea Mexicana 4 HV Agusta-Westland AW109
PER Army Ejército del Perú 4 HU Agusta A109K-2 NO IMAGE (2673)
GRC Air Force Polemikí Aeroporía 3 HH Agusta A109E Power
EGY Air Force Egyptian Air Force 3 HU Agusta A109E Power NO IMAGE (1411)
ITA Guard Carabinieri 3 HV Agusta A109E Power
ARG Army Ejército Argentino 3 HU Agusta A109A Hirundo
GHA Air Force Ghana Air Force 2 HU Agusta A109 Hirundo NO IMAGE (1538)
MRT Air Force Air Force of Mauritania 2 HU Agusta A109E Power NO IMAGE (2315)
BEN Air Force Aerienne Populaire de Benin 2 HU Agusta-Westland A109BA Hirundo
TKM Air Force Turkmen Air Force 2 HV Agusta A109E Power
BGD Navy Bangladesh Naubahini 2 HH Agusta A109E Power
RWA Air Force Force aérienne rwandaise 1 HU Agusta A109E Power NO IMAGE (2801)
ALB Air Force Forca Ajrore 1 HV Agusta A109C Hirundo
GBR Air Force Royal Air Force 1 HV Agusta A109E Power
PAN Guard Servicio Nacional Aeronaval 1 HU Agusta-Westland AW109
MEX Navy Armada de México 1 HV Agusta-Westland AW109